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Learning from your Stadtteil

This is a part of the UCZRoundTrips documentation and a contribution to the next issue of Journal for Northeast Issues by [Projektgruppe]


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Learning from your Stadtteil

The group "Offene Kartierung" organized "Learning from your stadtteil*/I", three simultaneous roundtrips through a specific urban area of Hamburg as a part of URBAN CONTACT ZONE, sharing areas - using places.

The title of our contribution was loosely inspired by the case study "Learning from Las Vegas" by Denise Scott Brown et. al. In Las Vegas the authors studied the "Strip", an apparently prosper, shiny and vivid street of commerce and entertainment; our focus was the terrain of Grosse Bergstrasse, a large pedestrian zone in the middle of Altona (a district of Hamburg) constructed over 40 years ago. Emphasized by its acutal medial presentation, it is labeled as ugly and almost dead. This so fabricated "black spot" is scheduled for reinvention and redesign. Empty parts of this zone are filled with temporary art and cultural productions, readable as first signs of restructuring and beautification.

We invited to a public round trip in the area of this "black spot". By the use of mobile GPS-devices and other mapping tools, the intention was to explore the current state of this zone and its surrounding, to collect and share our impressions and drafts of visualisation. Concentrating on the processes of change, we wanted to conceive its spatial, cultural and political dimensions by the means of mapping. The tour was divided into three simultaneous parts, each one with a different approach: Tracing past and ongoing "Cultural Interventions" in this area, walking "From You To Freedom", from a gentrificated adjacent district to the center of Grosse Bergstrasse and finding "Utopia", places that not exist (yet).

Traces and pictures of these roundtrips, and a map made from the collected geodata has been published on our wiki [1]. This data served also as source material for our next project, which took place four months later in the same urban area within the context of the exhibition "Invasionen".

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