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Help for the mapping tool "Make a map"

This [Make a map] tool uploads geodata in GPX format at our geo data repository, transfers the data to ESRI shapefiles and generates a mapserver map definition.

You can see so those maps at, the data at

Make a map is under developement. So not all functions are implemented yet nor works this tool all time as you might expect ;) See MappingWorkflow for more detailed technical infos (2006-09-20)


1. Get data

  1. Transfer the GPS data to your computer. See description at CamoDatenTransfer
  2. Use GPX format for saving your data
  3. Naming conventions:
    • To allow easy identification of a file: include date (YYYY-MM-DD), short project name, type of data (waypoints or tracks)
    • Example for a waypoint file name: "osm_2006-05-26_freedom_wp.gpx"
  1. Open the waypoint file in your favourite editor
    • Edit the a name of each waypoint
    • Add description and a link to an URL if available
    • Example:

  <wpt lat="53.552595" lon="9.936061">
    <name>Galgenberg (004)</name>
    <desc>A short description</desc>
    <link>URL to a related Webpage, e.g. a page of this wiki</link>
    • Rules: No special chars, no german "umlaute".
    • Otherwise you have to change the enconding declaration from "UTF-8" to "ISO-8859-1" (at the first line of the GPX file, like this:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="no" ?>
    • You can validate your GPX file with [validome]. please select "schema", otherwise the validation will fail.

2. Load data and generate a map

  • Use the [Make a map] tool
  • Define a label for your map.
  • Upload the tracks and waypoints, each as a single GPX file.


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